Summer is coming, the grapes are on the market, do you want to drink a bottle of iced grape juice or wine?

Come to visit Sheenstar factory. We will show you our professional juice filling machines and serve you with the grape juice made by our machines.

Grape is a common fruit with good quality and low price. Grape juice is called “plant milk” by scientists. Grapes are the best food for patients with nephritis, hepatitis, arthritis and anemia. It also fights cancer and lung disease.

Professor kamal, a food expert, said grapes are important for medical reasons because they contain many nutrients and benefits. Medical research proves that grape juice is the best food for patients with nephritis, which can reduce the albumin and sodium chloride of the kidney.Grape juice also contains a lot of easy to digest and absorb sugars, up to 16 percent carbohydrates, most of which are glucose.Grapes also contain 0.5 percent plant fiber and potassium chloride, iron and phosphorus.These substances help balance blood acids and are essential for building the body, especially the bones and nerves.Also, grapes contain organic acids that promote digestion. Scientists believe that grape juice on the weak and sick people, arteriosclerosis and nephritis patients recovery has auxiliary effect. Countries that grow and eat more grapes also have significantly lower cancer rates.Grapes have been shown to contain the most complex iron in summer fruits and are a nutritious food for people with anaemia. Grapes are also high in vitamins, with 50 ius of vitamin A, 100 ius of vitamin C and 10 ius of vitamin B2 per 100 grams. So it turns out that eating grapes helps build up your body and your immunity against disease.

juice filling machine

Sheenstar Company offers juice drink production equipment (grape juice filling machine and wine filling equipment) to bring coolness for your summer. If you need other juice beverage production lines, bottled water production line, tea beverage filling line, barreled water filling machine, etc, welcome to visit our company.

Sheenstar drink filling machine can suitable for different packages of juice such as plastic bottle juice, glass bottle juice, can juice and wine and so on.

Now we have customers from many countries. We sincerely welcome more customers come to enquiry about our filling machines. You can also contact us and visit our factory. Our powerful team will service you and satisfy you as the same as other customers.

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