For users with cars, bottled water is an indispensable product, especially in winter. When the demand for bottled water is the most in winter, generally you can make some bottled water for use in other seasons, but in winter, the bottled water made by yourself is often easy to freeze. Therefore, the bottled water filling machineis a necessary packaging machine for the production and packaging of bottled water. With it we can quickly pack bottled water so that we can keep up with the market demand for bottled water in winter. Then bottled water filling machine is to ensure that it can handle better. Bottled water antifreeze, with simple process and broad market.

The bottled water filling machine for vehicles is designed by combining the indicators of bottled water, and only exists for cars. Today, I will introduce the selection considerations and advantages of bottled water filling machine. Sheenstar always pursues best quality and sales service.

1. Any dosage in the range of 200-5000ml can be filled, and the dosage can be changed only on the filling machine, without changing the bottle type;

2. Bottled water filling machine uses conveyor belt to enter and exit bottles, PLC microcomputer control system, photoelectric sensor monitoring, pneumatic execution, Chinese touch screen control, high degree of automation the machine can automatically count the number of bottles filled. If there is no bottle or no bottle, the single line can easily operate the entire assembly line.

3. For chemical and beverage liquids, it is made of 316 high-quality stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant. The main electrical components are supplied by well-known bottled water filling machine manufacturers and have reliable performance; plastic parts also use high-quality products. Interested parties can contact customer service for a detailed parts list.

4. The filling head can be adjusted according to the size and shape of the filling container to meet the needs of diversification. Changing the container requires only a slight adjustment, eliminating the trouble and cost of replacing the mold; Into the bottle, vacuum suction after filling is completed to prevent liquid material splashing and dripping caused by high-speed filling; the filling speed and filling dose of the bottled water filling machine can be adjusted with an accuracy of 0.5%.

5. Bottled water filling machine provides one-year warranty and life-long maintenance service; newly purchased equipment provides technicians with on-site installation and training of operator services; 7 * 24 after-sales service phone. In addition, the machine can be adjusted according to the needs of users before the purchase of pipes, outlets, appearance and other details to adapt to the future working environment. This is the main advantage of bottled water filling machine. If you need such bottled water filling machine, you can directly consult us.

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