After buying thewater filling production line, the customers in the Philippines were very satisfied withSHEENSTARbottling filling production lineand bought the otherjuicefillingproduction line. Now the machine has arrived at the customer’s factory. After confirming the customer’s factory water and electricity, the engineer has already gone to the customer and other hardware are prepared already. The factory hassentback a video of the machine running smoothly.

We are very happy to receive customers’ satisfactory reply to our products. In this regard, we believe that our pure water filling line is the basis of all our customer service.Once the customer has established a closer relationship with us, we can also provide customers with other beverage filling line. We are committed to creating one-stop solution of filling line for customers, and we have been continuingto study and make effortstowardsthis direction.


Ourwaterbottlefilling machine adopts advanced technology from abroad, and combined with the characteristics of our country, self- developed. It adopts a large number of new technology, new process and new structure. It has top quality. The neck of the bottle was stuck between the bottle clipping board and upper formed plate,the bottles were transported by the star wheel . So that to achieve the three process(washing, filling, sealing).Besides, all the parts of the equipment that contact with liquid are made of imported stainless steel or food engineering plastic with wear resistance and ozone proof. Its electric system mostly adopts imported part. With standards food sanitation, stable and reliable property, low failure rate, full automatic control and perfect after-sales service, this kind of machine is popular among the foreign and domestic customers. And it is an ideal equipment for different kinds of beverage manufacturing enterprise.

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