We recognize that different factories have very different needs in terms of filling lines. We believe that we must work with each of our individual customers to manufacture machines and equipment that can provide the best solution for their specific situation. We consider that different financial needs, container sizes, speed requirements, space issues, etc. play a vital role in customer needs and suggestions and our suggestions.

SHEENSTAR Company specialized in beverage machine with twelve years, and our company has rich manufacturing experience, design and R & D ability. Such as this kind of cover and other customized cover, we can provide customized capping machine, filling machine and so on.

The Filling Machine Can Be Customized According to The Cover

Sheenstar Customized Service

After receiving the customer’s order, we will send a dedicated person to analyze the customer’s local water quality, and customize the water treatment system for the customer based on the customer’s water quality report.

Recommend a suitable machine according to the capacity required by the customer.

Recommend the corresponding packaging equipment according to the customer’s ideal product.

Design the equipment layout according to the customer’s factory floor space.

We are a professional beverage filling machine supplier and have established long-term cooperative relations with more and more foreign customers. We continue to improve our liquid filling line machine product portfolio. If our own machines cannot fully meet your needs, we will provide machines that meet your needs.

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