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Nowadays, Filling machinery develops rapidly in the food machinery industry, whether it is beverage, sot drinks,water or beeror juice, all need filling equipment. However, in terms of China’s filling machinery manufacturing industry, the importance of technology is not enough. For decades, filling technology has been introduced and measured and imitated foreign equipment. At present, there are few enterprises with independent research and development capability, and it is very rare to truly master the core technologies of independent intellectual property with advanced international standards.

The root cause of this phenomenon is not whether technology should be introduced, whether it should be copied, but how to treattechnology development correctly. Chinesefilling machinery manufacturing industry needs to establish the scientific technology is the core competitiveness development concept, not care how much profit today, but should care how can better satisfy the user. When it comes to satisfying the needs of users, the users will gradually become more and more, and the enterprise will gradually become bigger and stronger. Our ZHANGJIAGANG SHEENSTAR MACHINERY CO., LTD.was walking on thisroad: don’t care to earn how much profit today, but care about how to better satisfy customers, to build their own core competitiveness.

At present, the beverage filling machine needs to improve five core competencies:

(1) Shorter delivery time. After economic recovery, projects and orders will be increased, the Userswill ask beverage filling machine suppliers candelivery a complete water/juice production line in the shortest time.

(2) Flexibility and adaptability.High flexibility means that it can choose more different containers to accommodate different drinks, water, wine, tea and so on. Users hope that the filling function will adapt to the containers of different sizes and shapes, and noneed to add attachments or custom-madesolutions.

(3) Quick conversion. In recent years, people have asked theliquidfilling machine and packaging machine to have faster conversion speed. For example: when cleaning, should remove the piston and cylinder and reset the valve, now, like pistons, cylinders and valves such components by hot water or steam through the oil plug can be clean. For the liquid filling machinery, there is also a tendency to support the reduction of common changes, and even sometimes, in order to change the size of the filling machine, no change is required.

(4) High dust removal requirements.For the beverage filling line, there is a high requirement for dust removal. Because of the inherent piston, pump and check valve in the design, the filling machine has a tendency to compound the “fluid path”. The goal of the dust removal force is to remove the hose quickly without the necessary tools, and there is no hidden fluid path.

(5) Multi-function equipment.Users require water filling machineor juice filling machinery with multiple functions, also hope that the equipment has enough flexibility, can accept more different filling form, packaging, involves the shape, size, material structure and closed structure, etc.

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