Jiangsu Customer purchased glass water filling machine from SHEENSTAR and it has been put into production. In late May, SHEENSTAR colleagues visited the glass water production line in users factory, glass water filling machine is with stable running, accurate liquid level and output exceeds the requirement of customer. The userwas very satisfied with this glass water production line.

This glass water production line includes bottle blowing machine, air conveyors, washingfillingcapping3 in1 machine, labeling machine and packaging machine. SHEENSTAR provided two kinds of packaging machinesfor user, one is PE film packaging and the otheris carton packaging.

The carton packaging machineuses formed cardboard to automatically and continuously pack glass bottles, PET bottles, cans, and beakers. It is suitable for automated production lines such as beer, beverages, condiments, and food.

carton packaging machine

The main purpose

Carton packagingmachines are widely used in beer, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries. They are used in filling lines and can be used for secondary carton packaging of various bottles and cans.

Technical characteristics

1. Using automatic bottle separation technology, online continuous operation; PLC control of the whole machine, fully automatic operation.

2. Frequency control main driver; container grouping brushless servo motor.

3. Standard chain and internationally renowned hot melt device; automatic lubrication chain and permanent lubrication bearing.

4. Apply glue uniformly according to the running speed; electronically adjust the glue length.

5. Simple touch operation; multiple safety protections.

6. The slim body design and large sliding door make it easy to access.

7. Adapt to a variety of bottle types, easy to adjust.

8. Imported brand-name components are used for motors, cylinders and electric controls, and standard components are used to reduce the storage of spare parts.

9. Try to use 304 material, the whole machine is beautiful and generous.

Packaging process

It is divided into bottle conveying, bottle stacking, cardboard conveying, bottle feeding, glue spraying, carton wrapping and forming, and output.


1.Modular structure provides a high degree of flexibility.

2. The linear arrangement of the machine makes the packaging particularly accurate.

3. Use the internationally famous servo control system.

4. The control cabinet is pre-connected with wires to make start-up quickly.

5. The format change time is short.

6. Very low maintenance.

Principle of operation

Container inlet: On the inlet conveyor platform, the cylindrical container is divided into multiple lanes by dividing plates and pneumatic vibrating rails, while the singleentry container with a special shape is divided into multiple lanes by a divider gate.

carton packaging machine

Container divider:The container divider is driven by two servo motor drives to separate the containers gently and evenly. In order to handle unstable containers, such as fiveclaw PET bottles, a transitional bottle channel can be used between the conveyor chains. After the containers are grouped, they are pushed out by the push rod.

Cardboard inlet: the cardboard is neatly stacked on the roller conveyor, and then automatically guided into the lifting paperboard storage located under the container inlet. The vacuum claw extracts the uppermost piece of cardboard from the lifting storage and places it horizontally on the cardboard inlet.

Package forming device:cardboard is transported under the container group, and both ends are folded by a mechanical device. The side cover is folded in by a rotating capper, and the nozzle is coated with hot melt and adhered to the bottom cover. The circulating sealing chain presses the bottom cover and takes the package through the wrapping machine. Then, the top cover is folded down and glue is applied to the sealing edge. Finally, the sealing chain closes the top cover from above. Since the packaging runs longitudinally and the bottom is already sticky at this time, the top cover can be glued very accurately.

SHEENSTAR provides a complete set of glass water production line equipment. This glass water production line includes bottle blowing machine, air conveying, flushing and filling machine, labeling machine and carton packaging machine, which realizes automatic production, reduces manpower input and realizes efficient production.If you want glass water filling machine, please contact us without hesitate.

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