A consulting company recently released the “Global Plastic Bottle Cap Market Report”, predicting that the global demand for plastic caps will grow at a rate of 4.1% per year. By 2021, the global demand for plastic caps will reach 1.9 trillion. This is mainly affected by the rapid development of bottled water, which has become the largest application area for plastic bottle caps.

According to the report, threaded plastic caps accounted for the largest share of plastic caps in 2016, and demand will continue to rise. It is expected to account for more than 67% of the market by 2021. The development of threaded plastic caps is affected to some extent by added value such as dispensing, preventing children from opening.

The global plastic bottle cap demand will reach 1.9 trillion in 2021

In the field of disposable bottled water and sports drinks, plastic covers are becoming more and more popular. These beverages are usually packaged in plastic bottles with a flip or push-pull cap for easy opening without the need to disassemble the cap.

In terms of regional distribution, the Asia-Pacific region continues to be the fastest growing region for plastic bottle caps worldwide, where food, beverage and pharmaceutical production has grown faster than average.

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