The Sheenstar factory has produced cap-covering machines and capping machines for the front and back caps according to our customer’s custom-made requirements.

new cap-covering machines and capping machines

The cap-covering machine is easy to connect caps. During the process of covering the caps on, if the direction of the cap is reversed, the reverse cap will return to the cap case through the passage, and the cap with the correct direction will be sent to the cover machine through the wind. The whole process of covering cap is highly efficient and precisely accurate, which helps you save time and space.

new cap-covering machines and capping machines

Sheenstar, as an experienced and professional manufacturer of liquid packaging production lines, has supplied and exported water or beverage filling machines for 10 years. We are always striving for customizing quality beverage filling solutions based on overseas buyers’ specific requirements. Furthermore, we provide pre-sale services including factory layout, bottle and label design, water quality report professional analysis and product support, as well as perfect after-sale services for your water supply plant. It can be seen that we are delicating to meet your needs or demands. Choose Sheenstar as your supplier, and your will get more orders and businesses!

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