Good news! Recently, the factory is preparing a water filling production line to Ethiopia. The deal for this order represents a success in our promotion in Africa. We are a company specializing in the production of filling and packaging machinery. Our products include water filling machines, beverage filling machines, blow molding machines and packaging machinery. Customers from Ethiopia have used the official website to get in touch with us. The technicians designed a water filling production line according to the customer’s construction needs. Customers are very satisfied with our service.

In order to protect the machine from impact and friction, the machine is packed in wooden boxes. Dimensions are customized according to the size of the machine.We will choose a shipping company with high safety factor to transport your machines to ensure that your machines are safe and arrive at the factory in time.

We provide after-sales service to our customers. If there is a problem during the later use, we will give the customer technical support.

water filling machine

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