Today, we will introduce a three in one filling machine. This water bottle filling machine adopts advanced filling technology in China. The filling machine runs smoothly and accurately, deeply loved by our customers.

3-in-1 filling machine

The bottle is conveyed through the air delivery channel and then conveyed to the three in one machine by the bottle wheel. A bottle holder is mounted on the rotary table of the bottle washing machine, and the bottle clip is clamped on the bottle mouth to flip 180 degrees along a guide rail, so that the bottle mouth is downwards. In the specific area of the bottle punching machine, the bottle flushing nozzle is ejected out of the bottle rinse water, and the pure water filling machine rinse the inner wall of the bottle. After flushing and draining, the bottle is then clamped down by the bottle holder to turn 180 degrees along the guide rail to make the bottle mouth upwards. The rinse bottle is exported and transferred to the filling machine by the bottle star wheel.

The bottle entering the pure water filling machine is jammed by the bottleneck supporting plate and the bottle is raised under the action of the cam, and then the filling valve is opened at the top of the bottle mouth. Gravity filling is used in filling. After the filling valve is opened, the filling process is completed through the filling valve. After the filling, the bottle mouth drops out of the filling valve. The bottle passes through the card bottleneck through the transfer wheel and enters the rotating cover machine. The capping knife on the capping machine holds the bottle neck, keeps the bottle upright and prevents rotation. The revolving cover head keeps rotating and rotating on the capping machine. Under the action of the cam, the lifting cover, the cover, the screw cap and the lid removing operation are realized, and the whole sealing process is completed. The finished bottle is transmitted from the capping machine to the bottle conveying chain through the bottle discharging wheel, and the three in one machine is transmitted by the conveying chain.

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