Water Softener:

The water softener has not entered the market for a long time, but many users like it very much. The water softener uses ion exchange method to soften water quality, completely remove water and alkali, and has a large amount of water output, which can achieve the purpose of softening water for the whole family. When the water softener is in working condition, when the water containing calcium and magnesium ions passes through the resin with sodium ions, the calcium and magnesium ions replace the sodium ions and adsorb on the resin, and the water containing sodium ions flows out of the water softener and becomes “soft water” until all The surface of the resin is occupied by calcium and magnesium ions and cannot be exchanged any more. The regeneration of the water softener resin is performed with a dilute solution of table salt (solar salt) and water. The water production, water injection, salt absorption, backwashing and other working processes of the automatic water softener are completely controlled by the computer control head, and the operation is fully automatic without special operation.

Using the water softener can make your skin more white and tender, more comfortable, not rough, and youthful forever. Make your hair more black and shiny, elegant and chic, not withered and yellow. Make your bowls and dishes brighter and cleaner, and make your water cups, teapots, bathtubs, and sinks free from scale and easier to clean. The water pipes in your home will no longer be scaled, and the service life of the water heater will be longer, and the flow of hot water will not become smaller and smaller due to the long use time. Using soft water can reduce the use of detergent and soap by 55%, reduce heating costs by 20%, greatly reduce water pipe maintenance costs, and increase the life of your clothes by 32% compared to washing in hard water. , and the clothes after washing are not easy to yellow, making your white shirts whiter, blue shirts bluer, and the colors more vivid. Using soft water can reduce your daily household chores from 4 hours to 2-2.5 hours. Reduce labor intensity by nearly 37.5%-50%, freeing you from heavy housework. Water softeners can be divided into time-type water softeners according to the use of different controllers, which belong to domestic water, such as bathing, beauty treatment, etc. The water softener cannot remove impurities, bacteria, viruses and heavy metals in the water. Its function is to drive away the water alkali.

Third, what problems should be paid attention to when installing these water treatment equipment?

The water purifier has cabinet type and cabinet type according to the usage situation. The water purifier does not have a water storage tank and works entirely by water pressure. Therefore, the requirements are relatively simple, and it can be installed at any time after the cabinet is installed without prior preparation. What preparations. Decoration and no decoration have nothing to do with the water purifier. The pure water machine needs a power supply because it needs a booster pump, so before installing the pure water machine, it is necessary to prepare in advance under the cabinet and install the power supply in advance. Or tell the designer of the cabinet about this situation, if you have the desire to install it, first make the power connection board, even if you don’t install it, it will not damage the overall effect of the cabinet. Decoration and no decoration have nothing to do with the water purifier. Generally, families hope that the water softener can be treated by the whole family to achieve the effect of softening the whole house. The water softener is generally installed at the main water inlet valve. Therefore, the water treatment company that you find during the decoration should prepare the waterway or reserve the water outlet in advance, so as to avoid the failure to install after the decoration, which will cause certain regrets. And reserve the power supply.

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