There are usually different filling types according to different filling standards.

According to the degree of automation, the types of filling machines are: manual filling machines, semi-automatic filling machines, and fully automatic filling machines.

Juice Filling Machine

Manual Filling Machines

These are manually operated and will need no power or electrical source. They are generally used for packing highly viscous liquids like creams, gels, and shampoos but will also suffice for medium viscosity liquids. Manual filling machines are ideal for small scale productions or laboratories where they will provide a higher output speed and increased accuracy than when the liquids are poured by hand. They are ideally used for filling vial and bottles with about 600ml capacities and have a production speed of 15-900 bottles/hour.

Semi-Automatic Filling Machines

These will be faster compared to manual machines and will suit medium and small scale production processes during a high-volume season. Semi-automatic machines are designed with nozzle, syringe and piston parts which guarantee they maintain a zero-drip operation. They can be used to package all types of liquids and those containing small food articles and even adhesives. Semi-automatic machines have filling ranges of 5-100ml and production speeds of 800 fills/hour.

Fully Automated Filling Machines

These are used for large-scale operations and in companies with high production needs. Automated filling machines are generally used with variable speed conveyor systems and for packaging, liquids with all levels of viscosity and those with suspended particles. Some manufacturers also configure their automated machines based on the type and volume of the filling container you are using for your product. You can also add filling heads on the machines to boost your company’s production rates. Automated filling machines can fill 5-10ml of a product and generate 6000 bottles/hour. We mainly produce this type of machine.

Juice Filling Machine

From the perspective of filling principle, Theliquid filling machine has three different types.

1.Vacuumliquidfilling machine. The pressure in the bottle is lower than the atmospheric pressure to fill, this filling machine is simple in structure, high in efficiency, suitable for a wide range of material viscosity.2.Atmospheric pressure filling machine. It is in the atmosphere under the pressure of liquid weight to fill, this kind of filling machine is divided into timing filling and volume filling, only suitable for filling low viscosity, gas free liquids, such as wine, fruit juice, etc.3.Pressure filling machine. Filling above atmospheric pressure can also be divided into two types: One is that the pressure in the liquid storage cylinder is equal to that in the bottle, and the liquid weight flows into the bottle for filling. The other is that the pressure in the cylinder is higher than that in the bottle, the liquid flows into the bottle at a pressure difference. Pressure liquid filling machine is suitable for filling liquid with gas, such as beer, champagne, carbonated drinks, etc.

Juice Filling Machine

In the selection must be detailed understanding of their performance and the characteristics of the filling material, so as to select the most suitable liquid filling machine type.If you have any needs, please contact Sheenstar. We devote ourselves to the development, research and production of water and beverage packing and filling industry.

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