Good news! A customer in Chongqing bought a water filling line from Sheenstar. The installation has been completed in Chongqing and commissioning is expected to begin early next month.

Now we are waiting for the customers’ water, electricity, air to be in place and we can start bottled water production line immediately.

At first, they found our website and browsed the products they needed on the website, and they also had a certain understanding of our company’s qualifications. They showed great interest in our company and products, and asked them in detail.

Because of the epidemic, they couldn’t visit the factory even though they were not far away. After a few days of online communication, they began to trust us and decided to cooperate with us.

At present, competition in various industries around the world is fierce, and more and more customers choose to establish their own production lines locally. In order to successfully send the complete water filling line to the Chongqing market, we have communicated with customers many times, and both of us are fully prepared.

water filling line

Thanks to the engineer from the buyer for the assist and cooperate in the installation process of the water filling line, to make the water project is going very well. This water plant includes water treatment, small bottle water filling machine, 10L big bottle water filling machine, air system, sleeve labeling machine, conveyor system, laser machine, shrinking film packing machine, etc. We are looking forward to winning more profits for customers by water filling line of SHEENSTAR.

Zhangjiagang sheenstar technology co., ltd. professionally provides you with water & beverage filling and packaging solutions, which integrate design and manufacture, installation and debugging, manning guide, after-sales service.

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