The bottled water filling machine was sent to plateau area in early May, and the next day SHEENSTAR appointed two engineers to install and debug water filling machine at customer’s factory. While enduring altitude sickness, the engineers still worked overtime to install water filling machine. After 7days all machines are working and produce the bottled water.

The customer is very satisfied with the water filling machine from SHEENSTAR and respects our engineers for their hardworking and professionalism. After the filling machine is running normally, our engineers promptly teach customers how to operate and use water filling machine and also explain how to maintain them.

water filling machine

Since ancient times, water has always been an indispensable commodity, and humans have been working hard to make it suitable for drinking. Today, with the help of technological inventions, a major form of water is easily packed in a water bottle.

These bottles account for one third of the world’s water packaging market. These bottles are filled with water after being processed by a filling machine under aseptic conditions.

High-quality irrigation machines are not automatic or semi-automatic, or they are completely customized by the manufacturer in order to speed up the operation and meet the market demand.

water filling machine

Water filling machine

For safety and quality considerations, the use of these machines is product-specific. Depending on its structure, the water injection machine can be rotating or inline.

The choice to use the liquid depends on the thickness of the liquid to be dispensed, chemistry, stability, the presence and size of particulate matter, and the environment.

The increasingly prosperous irrigation machine market is related to the following reasons:

1. Improve global retail and supply chains and increase opportunities to enter new markets.

2.Now more people use bottles to pack chemicals and other water substances

water filling machine

3. Changes in eating habits and an increase in the amount of spare cash, especially Asians excluding Japanese.

4. Increase consumption and demand of alcohol and non-beverages.

5. Increased pressure in urban areas makes people rely on fast food.

SHEENSTAR COMPANYprovides customers with turnkey projects, from the preliminary water quality analysis, bottle design, label design, filling machine, the later installation and commissioning, and operator training. Customers are very satisfied with our all machines and services, Welcome to inquiry our products.

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