To begin with, I want to share a piece of latest news of Sheenstar that happened last week.

Last week, a batch of water filling line products from Sheenstar was sent to the customer in Africa. This batch of water filling machineswas ordered in January 2020. Although the producing line in nationwide shutdown temporarily, which was caused by the fluidity of Covid-19, Sheenstar also finished the order on time.

water filling machine

However, given that the serious situation of the fluidity, the customers from Africa was not able to supervise the production process on site. Dealing with this situation, Sheenstar decided to record the testing process of the water filling machines by themselves in the factory and sent to their customers in the form of video type. As a result, the customers were satisfied with their products and cooperation.

The product of water filling line include bottle blowing machine, washing-filling-sealing machine, conveyor, labelling machine and wrapping film packing machine. The water filling machine, mineral water filling plant and water bottling machineare for sale. If you are interested in this field and the related products, please feel free to contact us on our official website, we will service you in sincere.

Sheenstar as a company that was established in the year of 2010, has water bottling machine for salefor about 10 years. It was considered a bright younger generation in the water and beverage production line industry. They can provide you with turnkey projects and complete package solutions for all kinds of water drinking and beverage production line. For example, water, juice, 5-gallon water, carbonated drinks beverage can, glass bottle and so on.

They have excellent techniques and achievements because of their rich experience, functional design, assurance, professional teamwork and service. Explaining for the rich experience, they have 10 years manufacture and export experience, and win lots of loyalty customers from all over the world. Secondly, they also do well in layout design, bottle design and source water quality analytics. Thirdly, it’s no need for you to worry about the lifespan of their products, their products are all within warranty in 2 years, and they offer free spare components. And their professional teamwork and service include customized service, which could fit in your personalized and different requirements. Oversea after sales service branch, and the online and video as mentioned before are also included. Additionally, their products also pass the testing of several authorities and institutes and got the certification.

Our considerate service plan is able to provide you a reliable service in the whole process as well. It’s no need for you to worry about the technical problems. We will also send professional engineer to your factory for installation, commissioning of machines and providing guidance for your workers about how to use the machines.

With the mission of “Let everyone to enjoy available drinking water”, Sheenstar is confidence to be a one of the best water filling machine and mineral water filling plantsuppliers in the world. Please contact us without hesitation and let Sheenstar to be your reliable business partner.

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