The competition in China’s manufacturing industry is becoming increasingly fierce, and many innovative products appear on the market every day. We must also accelerate the pace of product innovation and research.

Due to the fierce competition in the field of highquality water filling machine manufacturing, SHEENSTARhas always been a reliable supplier and has always insisted on providing reliable, high-quality water treatment and water filling machinesfor its loyal customers.

Since the new crown epidemic in 2020, our domestic and foreign customers have been affected, especially foreign customers, who cannot come to our factory to accept products. We also have many solutions, such as online live streaming.

Water Filling Machine

Libya Customers were invited to watch theonlinelive broadcast from SHEENSTAR and knowthat SHEENSTAR a reliable beverage machinery manufacturer through online show.

According to the requirement of water quality and local market research from Libya Customer, SHEENSTARprovided the best solution to the customer, sothe customer immediately buy one completed of water production lineand water treatment system.

After 40 working days this customize drinking water production line and water treatment system were tested well and sent to Libya.

The working principle of the water filling machine:

Driven by the transmission machinery, all aspects can be coordinated and divided to achieve the effect of linkage. There is a special infrared sensor on the bottle feeding track to receive the induction, when the bottle reaches a certain number, it will automatically jam the bottle behind.


After the front bottle is filled, it is automatically released again, allowing the following bottles to fill the empty space, realizing no bottle no filling. When the bottle enters the position under the filling head, other working sections stop and only the filling head works. When the bottle leaves, the filling machine head stops working, the track part works, and the bottle stopper releases.

The clean bottles from the bottle washer are sent to the bottle feeding screw of the filling machine by the bottle feeding belt, and are sent to the bottle holding cylinder of the turntable via the bottle feeding star wheel and raised.

Buy advanced water filling machine from us

Our core products and services are the design and manufacture of high quality water filling production lines, beer filling machines, water filling machinesand other industrial filling machines. Please contact us immediately to meet all your filling machine needs, we will be very happy to cooperate with you to provide the best products.

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