Since the spread of the epidemic in 2020, our domestic and foreign customers have been affected by it, especially foreign customers, who cannot come to our factory to accept products. We also have many solutions for this, such as online live broadcast.

Customers were invited to watch the live broadcast of sheenstaronline, and confirmed that our company is a reliable beverage machinery manufacturer through online video. According to the needs of our customers, combined with the local market research, we provided the quotation to the customers, and the customers immediately placed an order for a water production line.

After 40 working days of production, this drinking water production linewas completed according to customer requirements, and commissioned and pre-maintained in the SHEENSTAR workshop and sent to Libya. Then SHEENSTAR’s engineers will go to install and debug and train relevant operators to make the machine use well.

drinking water production line

Happily, customers are very satisfied with Sheenstar after receiving the goods, and we have also made a drinking water filling line that meets customer needs.

During the machine manufacturing process, the relevant salesman notified the customer of the production progress in time, and took photos and commissioning videos to the customer. Based on the trust in SHEENSTAR and the business staff, the customer arranged the remittance without the on-site inspection. Thank customers for their trust, SHEENSTAR keeps improving and strives for better.

Sheenstar has always been committed to providing the best water & beverage filling and packaging solutions. Welcome customers to visit our company.

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