I am sure many people know about water treatment equipment and some people have operated it. When it comes to it, some people may ask what are the components of water treatment equipment. Let’s talk about the components of water treatment equipment.

1. Power grid:

The main function of the power grid is to block the suspended solids in the sewage, thereby reducing the treatment load of the subsequent water treatment process and maintaining the effect of the subsequent equipment. There are many types of grids: arm type, high chain type, rope type, rotary type, etc.

2. Air flotation equipment:

The main function is to inject micro-bubbles into the sewage to achieve the effect of removing trace impurities in the water. The air flotation method is suitable for occasions where the sedimentation method is not applicable. It is used to separate suspended solids whose specific gravity is close to that of water and is not easy to deposit, such as oil, fiber, algae, etc.

3. Aerator:

The micro-bubbles are injected into the sewage through the air dispersion impeller. Under the action of coagulants and flocculants, impurities in sewage form suspended flocs, and buoyancy is formed by scum.

4. Integrated sewage treatment equipment:

Including sedimentation tank, I, II contact oxidation tank, secondary sedimentation tank, sludge tank assembly equipment. This is the core part of sewage treatment equipment.

5. Drug delivery equipment:

Mainly solution tank, metering pump, filter, check valve, pressure gauge, buffer tank, liquid level gauge, control cabinet and other components are integrated on the base.

6. Sludge centrifuge:

It is composed of rotating drum, screw conveyor, differential, main bearing, chassis, liquid and solid phase collection chamber, upper cover, motor transmission equipment, frequency converter and other components. Use the speed difference to achieve solid-liquid separation.

7. Chlorine dioxide generator:

The chemical chlorine dioxide generator consists of a feeding system, a reaction system, an automatic control system and an absorption and dosing system. Chlorine dioxide is produced by chemical reaction between dilute hydrochloric acid and sodium chlorate.

The above is all the content introduced for you, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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