SHEENSTAR also products Cooking oil filling machine, This cooking oil filling machine is for Africacustomer. This oil productionline includes three main machines, oil filling machine, capping machine and labeling machine. This cooking oil filling machine can use for bottles with500 ml, 1 L and 4.5 L.

Ourengineer has finishedall debuggingand take all workingvideo and the operation video how to change different bottles style. The customer is very satisfiedwith SHEENSTAR cooking oil filling machine.

Let us see how the automatic labeling machine works.

The beginning of the work process of the automatic labeling machine is to transfer the packaging equipment to the labeling machine on the conveyor belt at a constant speed. The equipment on theautomatic labeling machinemaintains a fixed distance between the packaging equipment and pushes the packaging equipment forward to the labeling wheel.

automatic labeling machine

When the packaging equipment enters and exits, the driving wheel pulls the label out of the reel, and then presses it on the passing packaging equipment.

Automatic labeling machines use labels to continuously stop and stop to maintain the tension of the label tape. The label wheel should be kept at the same speed as the packaging equipment in order to put the label on the label. When the packaging equipment is about to enter the label position, it will speed up, then slow down the labeling speed, and stop the labeling after finishing the labeling.

In this way, the automatic labeling machine sometimes slides the label tape, so an alignment mark is attached to the automatic labeling machine to correct the position of the packaging equipment so that each label is placed in place.

automatic labeling machine

The label of the automatic labeling machine is connected to the packaging box, and the label wheel moves at the same speed as the packaging box. When the conveyor belt reaches a certain position, the label driving wheel of the automatic labeling machine will accelerate to match the speed of the conveyor belt, and then decelerate to a stop.

Since the labels of the fully automatic labeling machine may slip off, its positioning marks ensure that each label is placed correctly. The alignment mark is read by the sensor. During the deceleration phase of the label, the drive wheels will be readjusted to correct any positional errors on the label strip.

The introduction about the working principle of the automatic labeling machine hopes to be helpful to you, if you have any needs, you can contact us.

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