The Libyan customer visited Sheenstar factory and decided to purchase our water filling machineimmediately.The customer trusts Sheenstar and does not come to the factory to inspect the machines. Holding a 100% responsible attitude towards the customer, after the machine is completed, Sheenstar debugged the machines to make sure the machine can run smoothly. The video is taken and sent to the customer for confirmation.


After the customer confirmed, the workshop packed and shipped after inventorying the mainframes and related accessories and the tools and spare parts that are given away to the customers for free.

water filling machine

In order to successfully export our water filling lineto the Libyanmarket, we have communicated with Libyan customers many times and both of us have made very good preparations.


To ensure that the machinery won’t not be affected by collision during transportation, Sheenstar shipments are packed in wooden boxes.


Wooden boxes have the following advantages:

1. Can reliably protect goods

2. Create conditions for mechanization and automation of loading and unloading operations

3. Improved load capacity and volume utilization of warehouses and transportation vehicles

4. Save packaging costs

5. It is convenient to count the shipments and simplify the transfer procedures between all links in the logistics process and between different modes of transportation.

6. Promote packaging standardization

7. Affected by the environment and climate in less degree, even if it is stored in the open air, it will not affect the goods.


Apart from water filling machine, we are also a beverage can filling machine manufacturer, welcome to inquiry and choose us.


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